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Photography, defining it in one word or a paragraph is not enough. Not even books written on it can define it completely. To start with, I would say its an art form. Painting with light to be accurate. It’s the only way to freeze a memory in passing time. May be we like it so much because at least for once we are in control of time. It gives us power. Power of a higher order (Time traveling in a subtle form).

ph-1When we click an image time freezes, letting us to dive in the moment and enjoy every minute detail of that moment. Be it the flowers in the background or a memorable board game sitting there on a table camouflaged in the environment, everything just comes alive in our head. Igniting the sparks of imagination combined with the flammable memories of the past, generating thrust of emotions in our brain. A beautiful carnival comes to life inside our minds and our hearts.

ph-2When we look at photographs our brain is set free to take our vision on a leash for a stroll in the 6×4 parks of memories. Ah! what a feeling it is to look at past memories and how amazing it is that we can actually hold these memories in our hands, experience these miniature worlds. From a psychological aspect I believe photographs generate curiosity and chaos in our mind which helps in filling up the gaps in the auditory, visual cues by accessing old memories and emotions stored in our brain.

ph-3Many of us think that today photography has come to a stagnation point and there is no scope of growth left. However this is not true, photography is somewhat immortal. It will die with humanity and not before it. Second assumption often heard from “Pro Photographers” is that people are ruining photography. They say today most photographs end up on social media and every person with a DSLR calls himself a photographer (True). However I would say that its pure insecurity and jealousy. Every person perceives something, some are good at presenting it in more aesthetic way than others. Each one of us perceives, and perceive things in a very different manner. Yes everyone may not be aware about the rule of thirds or other technicalities of photography but this doesn’t make them or their photographs less useful.

Everyone of us is a photographer with an eye for unique details and different perceptions.

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