Product Variation Swatches For WooCommerce: Live Demo

Product Variation Swatches for WooCommerce is an easy plugin to implement on your WooCommerce store. It helps WooCommerce stores to display variations of products with smart variation swatches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Color or Image swatches will show on shop and category pages.

Yes, for this you need to open the Variation Swatches -> Import/Export Tab. From this page, you can download a CSV file for all available variations and after editing the file by providing the gallery image URLs separated by “|” press the “Browse” button and navigate to the modified file location and press the “Import” button, the gallery images for each variation will be uploaded, make sure you enable the “Variation Wise Gallery” from general settings of variation master.

Yes, It can be done by using global attributes. Just follow these simple steps. 1: Woocommerce-> product->attribute. 2: Click on attribute(color)-> then all variations are listed (black,blue,black-silver,black-green etc). 3: Click on configure terms->as you click on that all variation will list. 4: Select any variation -> click on edit(button)-> there is an option “Display Type” from there you can select thumbnail-image/color/text which you want to display on the front end. 5: Now this setting work globally for all global attributes and swatches will show on all products.

Go Inside the product setting go to:- 1: Go to the product edit page. 2: Go to the variation Swatches setting. 3: Go to color(attribute)setting. 4: Go to display type and select image/color from the dropdown. 5: Set display name “yes”. 6: Then go to variations(black, navy). 7: Set enable “yes” from the dropdown. 8: Set display type color/image according to your need. 9: Then click on the update button.

Yes, you can enable the setting and only a single attribute will show on the shop page and the image will change on the hover of swatches.

Yes, it is possible. You just have to set one particular variation as default and assign gallery images to that variation. Then the gallery section will automatically be shown upon loading the page.

1: Go to the variable product edit page. 2. Go to variations and click on any variation. 3: There is a setting “Add variation gallery images” from here you can add multiple images.

Yes for this you need to go to:- Variation swatches - > Import/Export tab and Under Variation Gallery press the “Browse” and select the gallery CSV file then press on “Import Variation Gallery Images”. All the gallery images will import successfully.

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