Discount Win Wheel For WooCommerce: Live Demo

Discount Win-Wheel For WooCommerce is a gamified popup tool that enables your customers and guest visitors to test their luck, and win coupons on a successful spin. It engages your visitors and generates quality leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any way to add a restriction on the popup Spin wheel?

Yes, you can add time duration from plugin->Pop-Up setting tab-> Popup Reminder Time. So, if the user clicks on Remind me later, the Pop-up will list after a set time and if the user clicks No Thanks then the pop-up is not shown until the browser is closed.

How can we Integrate Discount Win Wheel with Mautic?

For integrating the leads to Mautic, you need to install the Mautic Integration for WooCommerce plugin then go to Discount win wheel plugin -> Integration tab -> Enable the Mautic Integration for WooCommerce plugin. It creates the Custom fields and Segment then data is integrated over Mautic CRM.

How can we capture leads over Mautic in Spin Wheel?

If you enable the Mautic Integration with Discount win-wheel then the data of all discount win-wheel winners is synced over Mautic in the discount win-wheel custom fields.

Is there any way to filter the Lead of Discount Win wheel winner over Mautic?

Yes, you can filter the Contacts of discount win wheel winners, plugin create a segment name "Discount Win Wheel Contacts" in which all the winners are assigned so you can use this segment for Email Marketing automatons and other campaigns.

We need the Winner list, is there any way to store the winner’s list in Discount Win Wheel?

Yes in our plugin, there is a feature to export the winner list in .CSV format. Select the winner or choose all winners from the User List tab. Select the Export option from the action. Click on Apply Button. Your Winner list will be downloaded in a .csv file.

How we can change the position of the Spin wheel popup icon?

You can set the position of the spinning wheel popup icon from General Settings>Spin wheel Icon Location. Select any one of the listed locations: Top-left, Top-right, Center-right, Center-left, Bottom-right, and Bottom-left.

Is there any setting in the Discount win wheel to show the spin wheel on the Thank you page?

Yes, there is a setting to show the spin on a particular page. Go to General Setting -> Show Icon On and check the Thank you page checkbox. Save the settings.

Can the admin show discount coupons in pop-up form?

Yes, admin can show a discount coupon in pop-up for that admin has to check the “Show coupon code on pop-up” setting provided under “General” settings tab.

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