CF7 Integration With Google Sheets

CF7 Integration with Google Sheets plugin allows the admin to associate Contact Form 7 with Google Sheets fields. It sends all the CF7 form submissions/entries over the Google Sheets as per the fields of sheets. In this manner, admins can create well-oriented data of submissions over Google Sheets.

More Extensive Features

Create Sheets

Admins can easily create the sheets from the plugins itself. They needn’t go to their Google Sheets account.

Edit Submissions

Admins can perform changes in the submissions as per their requirements. They can also export submissions as csv as per CF7 forms.

Save Form Submissions

Admins will have both options to enable or disable the form submissions saving.

Notes Addition To Submissions

Admins can add notes to submissions. They can prioritize their submissions such that they can set Red for high priority submissions, Yellow for medium priority submissions, and Green for low priority submissions.

Detailed Information

Admins can get detailed information about submissions such as form title, submission date and time, submission source page url, Ip address of source, source system, etc.

Are You Still Confused About How Our CF7 Integration with Google Sheets Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily sync your phone, mobile as well as file upload data over Google sheets.

Yes, you can easily save your form submissions. Also, this plugin provides the option to disable saving submissions.

The CF7 Integration with Google Sheets provides a separate menu where all your submissions will be listed. You can find your required submission over there.

Yes, this plugin provides two alternatives for data type- RAW data as well as USER_ENTERED data. You can choose any one of them to fulfil your requirements.

To perform it, you can set priority for your notes with different colors such as- Red for high priority, Yellow for medium priority and Green for low priority.

Yes, it provides detailed information about submissions. You will get to know about your- form title, submission date, submission ID, modification date, submission source page URL, source system, and source IP address.

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