Live Demo: MWB CF7 Integration With Engagebay

An Engagebay Add-on that integrates Contact Form 7 with Engagebay. MWB CF7 Integration with Engagebay allows admins to send submissions/entries over Engagebay as per the form field mappings. In this manner, you can send all your form submissions data automatically over Engagebay CRM and manage it efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MWB CF7 Integration with Engagebay integrates Contact Form 7 with Engagebay which helps you send all the form submissions data over Engagebay according to the form field mappings.

Engagebay is an All-in-One CRM that aligns sales, marketing and support services. It offers efficient CRM tools such as- workflow automation, automatic data entry, targeted marketing, deals pipeline visualization, etc. These tools can help your business grow better.

This plugin provides a log where you can see all your submission data as well as the response generated from Engagebay. Here, you can view Enagagebay objects, Enagagebay ID, event, timestamp, request, etc.

Yes, for field mapping of feed you can easily choose the custom value from the plugin’s field type option. Also, you can name the custom value according to your choice.

Yes, MWB CF7 Integration with Engagebay provides the option- Conditional Filters. With the help of it, you can apply conditional filters on your form submissions to add your desirable conditions.

Yes, you can choose the specific form and sync its data with the help of this CF7 Integration with Engagebay.

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