Live Demo: MWB CF7 Integration with Google Sheets

Integrate Google Sheets with Contact Form-7 and send your entire data (form submissions/entries) over Google Sheets

Are You Still Confused About How Our CF7 Integration with Google Sheets Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

It sends all the data ( form submissions/ entries ) over Google sheets as per the fields of Google sheets. This can help in creating simplified data over Google sheets.

Yes, you can schedule this by visiting the Contact >> Googlesheet >> Setting >> Delete Logs After N Days, enter the number of days, and click on Save.

You can set your limits as per your need and the minimum number of days is 7.

Yes, you can download the detailed log files, log folder will be created in wp-content/mwb-cf7-logs and date-wise logs of all the interaction with Google sheets will be stored here.

Yes, you can delete the plugin data.

Yes, you can delete the plugin data. To enable this feature, go to Setting, click on the Plugin Data toggle, and click on Save.

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