Live Demo: MWB CF7 Integration with Keap

MWB CF7 Integration with Keap allows you to seamlessly integrate your Keap dashboard with Contact Form 7. Using the plugin, you can effortlessly send your Contact Forms 7 entries to the different fields in Keap.

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More splendid features

Seamless Integration

This integration plugin will let you connect your CF7 submissions with the Keap CRM, effortlessly. All you need is API authentication.

Comprehensive Dashboard

The dashboard includes all the necessary utilities and information. You will get the option to reauthorize the connection. There is also a refresh button to allow you to refresh the access token quickly.

Associate Form Fields with Keap Objects

You can easily associate your CF7 field with Keap object fields by creating suitable feeds for each form entry.

Custom Values in Feeds

When you are creating feeds for mapping the form fields, the plugin allows you to input custom values. All you need to do is use the placeholders to create a custom field entry.

Still Confused About How Does Our MWB CF7 Integration With Insightly Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

It helps you send all the CF7 form submissions over Keap as per the fields of Keap. This is very helpful in creating simplified data over Keap.

We have provided a setup guide link to assist you in a comprehensive manner.

Yes, the plugin allows you to filter the CF7 submissions using conditional filters defined by the admin.

Yes, enable the toggle switch to be able to view the log details

You can delete irrelevant data as per your requirement.

You need to enable the settings for enabling e-mail notifications using the toggle switch. So, if there is any error then you will get an email notification.

Yes, you can Delete logs after N days. N is the number of days defined by you.

Yes, you can download logs with this plugin or rather export it in the CSV.

The plugin allows you to use the AND/ OR logic to filter the synchronization of form submissions with the Keap.

Simply click on the refresh button given in the admin dashboard once you log in to your dashboard. This will reauthorize the plugin.

On the Feeds section, you will get an option to add more feeds, from there you can create as many feeds as you require.

Please visit the MakeWebBetter Knowledge Base and for more detail visit MWB CF7 Integration with Keap

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