Live Demo: MWB CF7 Integration With ZOHO CRM

CF7 Integration with ZOHO CRM is a free solution for syncing multiple contact form submissions to ZOHO CRM as per its modules. You can filter these forms and review detailed logs of CF7 submissions with our trouble-free integration.

Still Confused About How Our MWB CF7 Integration With ZOHO CRM Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

The CF7 Integration with ZOHO CRM sends all CF7 data submissions to ZOHO CRM and classifies them on the basis of various objects and ZOHO modules assigned.

Yes. You should have the following for the proper functioning of this plugin:

  • The latest version of the free MWB CF7 Integration With ZOHO CRM
  • ZOHO CRM account (You can also sign up from the ZOHO Accounts tab)
  • CF7 Plugin
  • The admin needs to have the Zoho account or can directly sign up using the link we have provided in our plugin Zoho Account tab and then proceed with selecting the Zoho Domain. Then enter the Client ID, Secret Key, and the Redirect URL after generating it following the instruction shared in a plugin which can be seen by clicking the plus icon in the top right corner.

    For creating ZOHO feeds, you need to select the following details:

    • Select Contact form
    • Zoho Object
    • Field Value
    • Conditional Statement
    • Primary key (optional)

    Our plugin has this conditional filter for adding conditions to the form submissions. If the condition filters are set, only those CF7 submissions will be exported that fulfill those conditions. The admin has options for the AND filter and the OR filter.

    Yes, we have the functionality in our CF7 Integration with Zoho CRM Plugin. Manual data sync facilitates the admin to manually send form submissions related to the particular feed. For enabling manual syncing:

    Go to Dashboard > Contact > Zoho > Zoho Feeds.

    Select/edit the feed for which you want to enable manual syncing.

    On the right-hand side under the additional features, the admin can enable ‘Manual data sync’.

    Yes, We have provided this functionality in our Plugin to collect the logs. For enabling logs:

    Go to Dashboard > Contact > Zoho > Settings.

    Switch the button ‘Enable logs’ to enable logging of all the form data to be sent over ZOHO and save the settings made.

    Yes, this can be done using CF7 Integration with ZOHO CRM. According to the Zoho modules, the admin can add as many feeds as he wants, in the same way, the new fields can also be added filling the field value and field type. The steps involved are as follows:

    Go to Dashboard > Contact > Zoho > Add New Feed > Select Field > Add New Field

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