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The MWB Gravity Forms HubSpot Integration connects your HubSpot portal to Gravity forms. This enables you to send all Gravity form submission data to your HubSpot CRM. You can use this integration to sync data of the HubSpot objects such as Contact, Company, Ticket, Task, and HubSpot Forms.

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More splendid features

Erase Data on Disconnecting

While disconnecting or deactivating the plugin, you can wipe the plugin’s data. In simple words, all the configurations you made through the plugin like the feeds you created the logs, and all the settings saved would be deleted. This won’t have any impact on the data you successfully synced over HubSpot.

Painless Integration

Integrating HubSpot and Gravity Forms is simple with this integration. After installing both Gravity Forms and our integration, you can connect in just a few clicks.

Enable, Download, or Clear logs

With this integration plugin, you can Enable/Disable, Download and clear logs in a single click.

Conditional Filters for Submission

You can specify conditions for the form’s submission. If these conditions do not match, the form data will not be successfully synced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can have a count of the forms synced to HubSpot, you can see those on the plugin’s dashboard just below the HubSpot Connection Status.

You need to navigate to the settings tab of our plugin and toggle on the switch to see the log section.

You need to enable the same in the settings tab, you need to turn on the toggle switch for enabling Email notifications and then enter an email address that will receive the email.

Yes, there is an option to easily download the log file under the logs tab you can clear and download the log as per your need.

Yes, you can see the log details in order to track the error, in order to do that you need to enable the log option from the settings tab of our plugin.

It means that whenever you’ll delete the plugin from your site if you toggle on the switch all of the data from the database will get deleted too.

Yes, you can delete the log manually and also there’s an option in the settings tab to auto-delete the logs after the selected number of days, you can choose and set the date accordingly.

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