Live Demo: MWB GF Integration With Engagebay

Integrate Gravity Forms with Engagebay and send all your submissions data over Engagebay as per the modules available in the Engagebay

Are You Still Confused About How Our GF Integration With Engagebay Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

This plugin integrates Gravity Forms with Engagebay. It sends all the form submissions data over Engagebay as per the modules available in it.

Yes, this plugin permits to filter the GF submissions as per the feeds. You can filter the GF submissions through- All Feeds, Gravity Form, Deal, Task, Company, etc.

If the plugin is connected, then the status will be shown “Connected” on its dashboard.

If you face any difficulties or your account is disconnected, just reconnect it in a few minutes by clicking on the Reauthorize button.

Yes, this plugin provides comprehensive logs with detailed information such as event, timestamp, request, etc.

MWB GF Integration with Engagebay provides the option to clear the logs. Navigate from Logs>Clear Logs to perform it.

Yes, you can download the logs too. Navigate from- Logs> Download and click the download button.

You will get an error email notification for error occurrence. All you need to do is- enable the ‘Email Notification’ from settings tab.

Yes, you can set the number of days as per your needs after which your logs will be deleted. You can choose a minimum of 7 days for it.

Please visit the MakeWebBetter Knowledge Base and for more detail visit Submit your Query.

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