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MWB Shipping Map for WooCommerce is simple shipment management and tracking system based on the Google Maps API that provides flexible shipment tracking solutions with features that reduce the difficulties and challenges of evaluating shipping rates to a bare minimum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 5 potential advantages that the Shipping Map plugin offers?
The MWB Shipping Map for WooCommerce plugin is an outstanding plugin that offers an effective tracking mechanism for your WooCommerce store-based order shipments. For a clearer understanding of its features, do refer below-
  1. Integrate Google Maps API in a highly Configurable manner
  2. Measure product delivery area’s distance with Google Map.
  3. Offer Accurate Tracking that thereby assists in easy Shipment Cost Estimation.
  4. Helps in Easing the Shipment Tracking Hurdles and Saves Time.
  5. Freedom to Customize Map Elements as per your Ease.
Does this plugin offer a custom marker for the shipment maps?

Yes, you can easily upload your custom map marker from the backend settings tab i.e. Shipping Map Settings.

Either upload a custom marker image traversing to Shipping map Settings >Upload Custom Marker Image or update the color of the map marker included.

Can we show two different maps for the Shipping and Billing Address?

Yes, you have complete control over your shipping and billing maps with the plugin. Each address in a shipment order should have its own map, i.e. shipping and billing maps.

You can easily choose to display the maps on the front end in the manner that you want them to be displayed. Within Shipping Map Settings, there are numerous map controls available, including the ability to enable two different maps for both Addresses.

How can this plugin uses Google Maps to calculate the distance between the product delivery area and the user?

The plugin is fully integrated with the Google Maps API, and thus supports almost all of the API's tracking features.

Because the plugin uses maps to determine the latitude and longitudinal coordinates of shipping and billing addresses, they can accurately calculate the distance and time required to deliver that shipment.

Is it possible to see a shipping and billing map for both customers and store owners separately? If so, could you please elaborate, how and where?

Yes, both the customers as well as store owners can separately access the shipping and billing maps for shipments individually.

Store owners can check individual shipment-based maps at the ORDER EDIT section of their store backend. If you require the whole traverse route then- WooCommerce > Orders > Click on the particular Order > Edit Order.

Customers can review their shipment-based shipping and billing maps at the time of checkout with ease. Their Checkout page contains the map in the sections.

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