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Points and Rewards for WooCommerce: Live Demo

Points and Rewards for WooCommerce is a scalable loyalty program creation plugin that allows you to offer reward points to customers on different actions encountered on your WooCommerce store. It not only increases customer engagement but also amplifies average regular sales.

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Are You Still Confused About How Points and Rewards for WooCommerce Plugin work?

Frequently Asked Questions

"Points" tab is not displaying under My Account. Is there any reason?

The points tab will always get the display to the customer user role only not the admin. So please make sure you are logged in as a customer user role.

How can customers use the earn points?

For redeeming the points, We have provided the option to apply points on the cart/checkout page. Customers can apply the earn points and get a discount.

Can I set a different conversion rate for earning the points when customers spent money and a different conversion rate when customers redeem the points and get the discount?

Yes, both are different features and we have provided a separate setting for each feature. You earning points you can set the conversion rate under "Points and Rewards > Earn Points Per Currency Settings" For redemption points, you can set the conversion rate under "Points and Rewards > General > Redemption Settings" from here you can set the conversion rate.

How the customer will know for which events they will earn points?

We have provided "Ways to gain points" here you can enter the message that you want to display to your customer. The entered message will get displayed on the My Account > Points tab. Customers can see the message and how they can earn points.

Can I provide a point to the customers on spending points on the site?

Yes, we have this feature, you can allow your customers to earn points on the spending money.

Can I update any of the customer's points?

Yes, We have provided this feature to update the customer points manually under WooCommerce > Points and Rewards > Points Table. From here you can add or subtract any customer points.

Can the admin see the customer's total points and their log?

Yes, the admin can see all customer’s points as well as point log. On which event they have earned or redeemed points.

Can I create multi-level membership and provide a different discount on each level?

In our org version, you can create only one level membership only. But yes in the pro version you can create multiple levels of the membership and assign different discounts on each level.

Will, the membership level gets upgraded automatically if the customer has the required points in their account?

No, the membership level will not get upgraded automatically. After earning the points customer need to update their membership level manually by redeeming some points and getting the advantages of that level.

How can I display customers’ total points on other pages and menus?

We have provided a shortcode [MYCURRENTPOINT]. You can use this shortcode on your site to display customers’ total points.

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