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Points And Rewards For WooCommerce: Live Demo

Points and Rewards for WooCommerce is a plugin that lets you offer points to the customers on different store activities. Customers can redeem these points to buy products and get discounts at your store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any feature in the rewards plugin by which we can give the points on the order total?

Yes, the plugin offers the following setting for the customers to earn points on their order total. To enable this feature, go to the plugin setting > Order Total Points tab > Enable the settings for the orders > Enter Points with Order Range.

Does admin have the right to add loyalty points to their loyal customer’s account?

Yes, the admin has the right to add the points to their loyal customer’s account. Also, they have the ability to deduct their points. For this, admin can go to the plugin setting > Points Table tab > select user > choose +/- > enter points > enter remark > update.

How can we enable the coupon conversion setting in Points and Rewards?

For this you have to go to the plugin setting > Per Currency Point and Coupon Setting > Coupon setting tab and do all the required setting accordingly.

In how many ways can the customers earn points when they are over my site?

Here are a few different ways through which customers can earn points: 1. On registration 2. On review/comment 3. On Referral 4. On Purchase 5. On Referral Purchase, and more.

Can the limit for minimum referrals requirements be set before allowing the points to the customers?

Yes,This plugin offers a feature to set the minimum number of referrals required to allow points. It can be enabled via the admin. To do so, go to the plugin setting > General > Referral setting section > Enter a minimum number of referrals required.

Can a single user get the benefit of more than one membership level?

No. A single-user does not get the benefits of more than one membership level. At a single point in time, he/she can only get the benefits of one membership level.

How does the referral feature work in Points and Rewards?

After a customer successfully logs in he/she will get a referral link. Now if he shares the link and the referred customers successfully register using the referral link, the referee will get the referral points

How can admin create the levels of membership in Points and Rewards?

The admin can create the levels of their membership program using this plugin. To do so, the admin needs to go to the plugin setting > Membership tab > Enable the membership setting > create the membership levels and Save the setting to create membership levels.

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  • Register Your Self and Earn
    100 Points
  • Place The Order and Earn Points Earn 1 Points on every $1.00 spent
  • Write Review
    Write review and earn 10 Point
  • Refer Someone
    Reward is: 20 Point
  • Earn on Somenelse Purchasing
    Reward is: 10 Point
  • Redeem Points on Particluar Products

    Conversion Rule: $1.00 = 1 Point

  • Convert Points into Coupons

    Conversion Rule: $1.00 = 1 Point

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