Plugin’s Features

Plugin’s Features


Add a Custom message with highly searched keywords in order to increase the search rate of your post while sharing. With the custom message feature, you get the double benefit as in- it leverages you with the opportunity to brief your prospects about the sharing content. As well as the content helps you with SEO. Thus, providing a better rank to your site.



We know you are short on time and it gets tough for you to share all the posts one by one. Bringing a solution to the same, the Post Auto Share enables the admin with the facility of sharing posts on social media in bulk at a time.



There is no denying in the fact that social media tools are trending the internet all over. Your active presence on these platforms will lead to a large traffic to your website. Bringing you a step closer to these platforms Post Auto Share Facilitates sharing of posts on five different social media tools- FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, PINTEREST, TUMBLR respectively.



“An image is worth a thousand words” Post Auto Share enables you to share all your posts with images, thus leading more traffic to your website. Surveys show that people tend to go for visuals as compared to texts. An image portrays everything about the context.



With Post Auto Share you can easily manage posts settings with Enable/Disable features provided with the plugin. That is, at times you may not wish to share certain posts. Some content might not hold that importance to be shared. So, at such times you can disable the settings. However, it can be enabled back anytime when you find the content apt to be shared.



Not every time you need to share data in bulk. So, Post Auto Share avails you with this feature of a share button that holds the on/off options for bulk upload. You may switch it on/off depending on the amount of content you have.



Meta box proves to be of such a great help. You (admin) don’t need to visit the pages or individual posts time and again to see all the new feeds, i.e. all the new comments on your shared posts. Instead, Meta Box lists down all the happenings on your posts in the edit section (backend). So, you get to collect the reviews for your posts using the meta box. Analyze the comments posted on Facebook through meta box.


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