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This extension Provides various key features :

1. In this new version we provide the 3 default templates for Post and Products.

2. Custom post types- It supports custom post types and print them to PDF.

3. Custom meta fields- It supports custom meta fields and prints them in PDF.

4. Custom fonts- Feature to set Custom fonts for PDF.

5. Header- You can include header logo to pdf, Option to show site name, site description, and site URL.

6. Watermark- Add watermark text and images to look PDF wonderful.

7. Different Font- Can customize fonts of header and content.

8. Can easily change margins, alignment, and pages in your pdf.

9. Featured Image- Can select to display featured Images.

10. File Name- Can set file name for pdf. Default file name of plugin is Post Id.

11. PDF from Cache- Have the ability to generate pdf from cache to reduce load from the server and can schedule a backup of cache if Your blog is not updating too frequently and much more options.

12. Custom CSS- Can add custom style to post contents,mostly all css supported.

13. Title- Can set default blog title for pdf

14. Email Mode- In email mode, each pdf export link generate a popup window and visitor have to enter an email address to which the created PDF will be sent.

15. Setting to manage all post type custom fields.

16. Cache supporting- It provides the functionality to deliver the cached PDF to decrease server memory usage if cache is available in the system.

17. ACF compatible – It is compatible with Advanced custom fields and supports all its meta fields.

New features are in a Queue and just in a process of compatibility with learn to press and Job manager extensions.

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