Live Demo: Wishlist For WooCommerce Pro

Wishlist for WooCommerce Pro plugin adds the complete Wishlist functionality on your WooCommerce store to boost sales, engagement and improve customers experience.

On-Demand Features

  • Allow customer to create

    Allow Customers to Create Multiple Wishlist

    With the Wishlist for WooCommerce Pro plugin, let your customers create multiple wishlists and add products in it of their choice.

  • Add Collaborators and Share

    Add Collaborators and Share Wishlist on Social Media

    Customers can invite their friends & family as collaborators using the email address. Also, share their wishlist on various social media platforms.

  • Instock Notifications

    In-stock notification for out-of-stock products

    Smartly accept orders for out-of-stock products by letting your customers add those products in Wishlist and send in-stock notification when stock is back.

  • View Wishlist Data

    View Wishlist Data In the Performance Analytics Panel

    The plugin smartly collects and present all the wishlist related data of the customers in the performance panel, that is a BIG resource for the merchant for sales targeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

The plugin allows you to show the “Add to Wishlist” button or icon on your shop page, category pages, product shortcodes, product sliders, and all the other places where the WooCommerce products’ loop is used.

Yes, the Wishlist popup can be enabled or disabled by clicking on the toggle button in the setting. Save the changes you make. When enabled, the popup notifications show up every time a product is added to the wishlist. The popup has the option of “Buy Now”, “View Wishlist” and “Cancel” popup, which the users can click as per their convenience.

Yes, Admin can send an email notification to customers who have added out-of-stock products to their wishlist when the product is back in stock. Hence, with Wishlist for WooCommerce Pro, merchants can take orders for out-of-stock products. With this feature, any out-of-stock products added to the wishlist will have an automatic email ready to send to the customers when the product is back in stock. Admin can set the message in the Message Text Area in the Instock Email Tab of plugin settings.

Yes, we have two options for “Wishlist View Types” where you can change how the wishlist looks to the customers. The two types of wishlist views are:

  • – Icon over Product Image
  • – Add to Wishlist Button.
  • Yes, an Admin can send automated emails to the customers who have products on their wishlist but no action is taken for days. A great way to send reminders and get sales. Admin can set the hours after which the email will be sent, and also set the message that will be sent in the email.

    Yes, this can be done from the general settings of the plugin. In the “Wishlist Position And Preview” section, there is a drop-down in front of the “Wishlist on the Product Page” from where you can select where the wishlist button should be shown on WooCommerce products like the Before Add to Cart button, After Add to Cart button, etc.

    Yes, our plugin has the feature of social sharing where you can enable/disable the sharing functionality to Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Pinterest. The admin can set the size of the social media icons, enable and disable a particular social media option and set the color they want. By default, the color is set to the original color of the respective social media.

    Yes, this can be done from the general settings of the plugin. In the “Wishlist Position And Preview” section, there is a drop-down in front of “Wishlist on Loops” from where you can select where the wishlist button should be shown on WooCommerce loops and shops like Before Product Title, After Product Title, etc.

    In the general settings of the plugin, the admin has an option to select the Wishlist page from the drop-down. All the pages with the shortcode [mwb_wfw_wishlist] will come in the Wishlist dropdown from which the admin can select the Wishlist page.

    Yes, the “Wishlist for WooCommerce Pro” plugin tracks the wishlist-related aspects of buyer’s behavior and presents the details in the performance analytics panel in a well-arranged table format. The plugin collects product ID, the title of the wishlist, added products, created date, modified date, owner name, status, collaborators, and properties.

    Yes, the API Routing feature in the “Wishlist for WooCommerce Pro” plugin helps to provide wishlist data of the users for mobile devices. For that, you need to click on the “Generate API Key” in the REST API tab of plugin settings to generate the keys. The key will appear, with the use of “consumer key” and “consumer secret” you can track the details of the consumers on the mobile devices.

    Yes, this purchase of the Wishlist for WooCommerce Pro plugin needs to be validated for uninterrupted working. The admin needs to enter the purchase code in the License section Tab of the plugin settings and click on the “Validate” button to confirm the purchase.

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    Please visit the MakeWebBetter plugin Documentation for detailed explanations, and any further help can reach out to us on Support.