Custom Product Bundle With Gift Pack

Fitness Accessories


WooCommerce Celebration Product Bundle plugin allows users to easily create a Product Bundle, that contain various type of items. We also provide the Packing feature i.e; Packing Type, Packing Wrap and Packing Slip for Product Bundle. This Plugin is fully customizable.


Packing Types

Packing Wraps

Packing Slips



With this feature, create groups of products which are inseparable and have to be bought together.




Encourage your customers to pick best packaging type among- Packing type, Packing Wrap and Packing Slip. This will help to build groups of products which are centralized into one.




This feature helps you Group Products that should be bought together, however, the customer can select/omit the product he needs or doesn’t need.




Initiate your customers for best & unique type of packing types-Packing type, Packing Wrap and Packing Slip. This feature will centralize the process by which the product you want to keep and which product you want to discard.


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