WooCommerce Multi-Currency Switcher

Woocommerce Multi-Currency Switcher plugin is a plugin to add the utility of converting currencies on your website automatically. The store owner can add as many currencies as they wish to with many customizable options available. The WooCommerce currency converter plugin also allows you to edit the look and feel of the converter on the front end for a more friendly experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can admin add multiple currencies in the plugin without any restrictions ?

Yes, the admin can add multiple currencies using the plugin. Go to plugin settings > Currency Settings > Add New. This is where the admin gets access to add multiple currencies for their store.

How does the Currency Switcher geolocation detection mechanism work?

Yes, the admin has the right to add the points to their loyal customer’s account. Also, they have the ability to deduct their points.
For this, admin can go to the plugin setting > Points Table tab > select user > choose +/- > enter points > enter remark > update.

Admin can set the Geolocations for each currency sewcsately in the plugin Settings > Geolocation Settings. Select the countries for each currency from the dropdown menu for each currency sewcsately. To enable this feature go to Advanced Settings and enable Geolocation rules .

Is the Multi Currency Switcher plugin compatible with the Wallet plugin ?

Yes, the WooCommerce Multi Currency Switcher plugin is compatible with the Wallet system for WooCommerce for providing enormous wallet functionality to the customers.

Is it possible to enter product costs, shipping costs, coupon costs manually, for each currency

Yes, admins can set these costs manually for their products, coupons and even the shipping fees by enabling the concerned setting in Advanced Setting of the plugin backend.

Is there any shortcode for the currency switcher dropdown & currency converter to put specifically in any place ?

Yes the admin can use the shortcode. This shortcode will add the currency switcher that will display the converted value of the currency in real time.
You can also add the widgets provided in the plugin- currency switcher dropdown and currency table.

Is there a way to restrict some payment gateways on the checkout page as per different currencies ?

Yes you can restrict the different payment gateways for different currencies. Go to plugin Settings> Payment Gateway Rules. Choose from the dropdown to select the payment settings you wish to allow for each currency. To enable this feature go to Advanced Settings and enable Payment Gateway Rules using the toggle switch.

Can I upload a custom image as a flag?

Yes, there is an option to either choose the default flag images or upload your own. Go to plugin settings > Currency Settings > Edit. Admin can make the changes accordingly.

Can admin set one currency as default for other currencies ?

Yes, the admin can set any one currency as default. This currency will also provide the reference values for the other currencies.

Is the admin able to put a rate of interest for converting the currencies?

Yes, the admin can set the interest for interchanging the multi currencies for an order from the rate & interest tab in the Currency Settings of the plugin backend.

Is there any side switcher to switch currency from one to another?

Yes there is a side switcher which needs to be enabled in the Side Switcher tab in the plugin backend settings.

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