WooCommerce Partial Cod

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This solution will help the merchant to recover the charges which are levied at the time of Cash On Delivery. This will also initiate percentage of charges levied according to geographical location and distance it will cover. Quite often as a merchant, you have faced issues when buyer overturns Cash On Delivery products or there is some problem with the address or any issue which can impact you on fees or other expenses. For such kind of situation only we came up with a product that would surely impact your revenue.

Provides An Edge To The Merchants

Its main purpose is to help the merchant: It is known fact that customer is the king of the market, but the merchant is the creator of that market and certainly, he cannot run in losses. So, this trick to save partial amount from the e-commerce is the best.

Automating Partial Payment With Ease

Admin can levy product wise amount, order wise amount, ship wise amount and tax-wise amount: Admin can equalize the other charges which are apart from the main product with ease. This will support the idea of partial payment with cash on delivery as the final stage.

Clear Segmentation Of Deposit Type

Select deposit type i.e. fixed value or percentage: Here, admin can choose the select type according to his product page and the product chosen in the cart. Here the admin can select the fixed amount of the product which will fetch the complete amount of the service other than main product and in percentage, the admin will levy the percentage set on the product amount.

Confirm Order Via Partial Payment In Real Time

Admin will get initial amount instantly: WooCommerce Partial COD plugin for Cash On Delivery will call partial amount in the pocket of the merchant through shipping charges and the tax levied with ease. Earlier, there was no money transaction which was foreseen before getting the complete amount from the customer.

Extends A Transparent System As Whole

Provides transparency to the system: As an additional benefit, this plugin for cash on delivery will extend transparency to the whole process and bother no merchant’s pocket much for shipping charge.