WooCommerce Partial COD: Live Demo

WooCommerce Partial COD allows you to authenticate COD (Cash on Delivery) orders by charging customers a partial amount at the time of COD order placement.

Payment gateways supported


Still Confused! How Does MWB Woocommerce Partial COD Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many gateways WooCommerce partial cod plugin support for partial payment?

Our plugin support all the WooCommerce payment gateway and additional Razorpay and Paytm getaways.

Can we set the user role for partial payment when they select the payment method COD?

Yes, admin set the user role those are pay the partial amount when they select COD method for this please go to the plugin setting>General setting tab>select user role.

Can we pay a complete or partial amount with a coupon in the Partial COD plugin?

Yes, you can pay a partial or complete amount with a coupon or you can set the limit of coupon amount usage.

How can the admin set the minimum or maximum amount for the Partial COD plugin?

Admin can set the maximum or minimum amount for cod for this please go to the plugin setting>general setting tab > enable partial cod product wise or enable partial cod order wise > set maximum amount for cod > set minimum amount for cod.

Can We pay the full amount by payment gateways when we do not select COD?

Yes, customers can pay a full amount of order when they do not select cash on delivery payment methods.

Is it possible to set the partial cod on the per product?

Admin can set the partial amount per product please go to the product edit page > WP COD tab > Enable the checkbox for per product partial payment > Select Deposit Type (Fixed/Percentage) > Enter Amount For Partial Payment > Update the product.

What did the Force Partial COD setting do?

When you enable Force Partial COD your customers won’t be having any other option than paying the partial COD amount for their orders.

Can we set the Minimum and Maximum amount of COD for the partial payment method?

Admin Can set the Maximum and minimum amount of COD for product-wise and order wise.

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