Plugin Feature


The system lets you provide to create the Two different Kind of Coupons:

1. Public Coupons:

This coupon come up with no restrictions, there will be no restriction regarding the product selection or quantity or anything.

Public Coupons can be shown up in following ways to your site and gathers the Traffic for you.

  1. Public Coupons can be shown as in form of Popup, you can also choose the pages where the Popup will be shown.
  2. Public Coupons can be shown as in form of Notification at the Top of some selected pages.
  3. Public Coupons can be shown with the help of provided Draggable Widget
  4. Short codes are provided for any custom page, then after the Public Coupon will be displaying as in form of Notices

Public Coupons are sharable over Twitter as well as via an Email.
Merchant can also set the time period for re-appear the popup again, In short once you clicked on cancel button then popup will not appear on each refresh(days can be set as 0,1 etc).

2. Private Coupons:

Merchant can send coupons to some loyal customers via an Email. This coupon is termed as Private Coupon as it comes up with more restrictions as follows:

  1. Product Selection: Merchant can assign some selective products to the particular coupon for getting applied for the discount, If the Required Products will not be there in the cart, then the Coupon will get removed automatically. Coupon will get calculated over selected product not all products in cart.
  2. Quantity: Private coupons can be restricted for the defined minimum number of quantity for selected Products.
  3. Shipping Method: Private Coupon will get only applied to chosen shipping method.

Coupons can be applied to shipping and Taxes easily, In short, Coupons can be applied to Grand Total rather than Subtotal.

Get Product for Free:

Merchant can set the required number of Orders to need to be placed on his/her site for getting some selected product for Free.

Coupons On Registration:

Merchant can provide the Coupons on registration, The Coupons which is going to be generated can be totally handled by the Merchant about the length, the expiration period, usage count, prefix-code, discount type etc.

Import Coupons in Bulk:

Merchant can import the coupons in bulk by checking the pattern of given CSV, and then can use each of them easily. No need to create the coupon individually.

Coupons on Order Total:

You can also provide the Coupons on the basis of the amount of their Order (Grand Total), along with all related settings like required number of orders, coupon length, expiration time period, usage count,individual use, min-max spend, free shipping etc details.

Apply Coupon via URL:

Coupons will get applied via clicking on given URL inside the Email Template to the Customers, Specified Product will get added to the cart along with required quantity for that Coupon.