Upsell Order Bump Offers

Check out the Upsell Order Bump Offer's demo to learn to increase the average order just before the customer is going to complete the purchase at the checkout.

How Our Order Bump Offers Work

  • Step 1

    Adds to Cart

    Customer Adds to Cart

    The customer adds the target product to the cart.

  • Step 2

    Order Bump Offer

    Order Bump Offer Appears

    The order bump offer appears on the checkout page before the customer makes the payment.

  • Step 3

    Offer Accepted

    Thank You Page

    Customers accepts the order bump offer in just one click and reaches the thank you page and your store's order value increases.

Still Confused About How Does Our WooCommerce Upsell Order Bump Offers Plugin Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Follow these steps to create an order bump with our plugin:

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard > Order Bump and click on the Order Bump List section.
  • Click on the “Create New Order Bump” button in this section.
  • Name your bump offer, select target product, target category, and schedule your offer for specific days accordingly
  • Add your offer product and discount.
  • Select the offer template and customize the design and content as you want.
  • Make the funnel Live and save changes.

In this case, you can skip the bump offer. To do this, go to the “Global Settings” of our Order Bump plugin. There you’ll find a feature named “Skip for Same Offers.” Click on the dropdown in front of it and select Yes and save changes. Now if the customer has added an order bump offer product in his cart, the plugin won’t show their same product as the bump offer.

Yes, our order bump plugin supports Simple, Variable, and Subscription products.

Yes, the customers just need to click on the checkbox once and the bump offer product will be added to their existing order.

Order Bump Offers are:

  • Easy to create.
  • It doesn’t contain distracting popups like upsell.
  • Order bump offers don’t send customers to another page like upsell.
  • Order bump offers are not as high-valued as upsells.

Smart Skip If Already Purchased is a Global Feature. With this feature, the Offer will be shown to the customers only if they haven’t purchased the offer product already either normally or via order bumps.

In this case, you get two options. Either to remove or keep the offer product in the customer's cart. To do this, you need to go to the Order Bump plugin’s 'Global Settings' > 'Offer Target Dependency' feature, you’ll see two options here:

“Remove offer when target product is removed” - As the Target product is removed the offer product associated with the target will also be removed from your customer's cart.

“Keep offer when target product is removed.” - As the Target product is removed the offer product associated with the target will be converted into a normal product in your customer's cart.

Yes, the order bump offers are fully customizable. While creating your order bump offer, you can select the offer layout, customize its design and content as per your needs.

Yes, Just set the Target and Offer Product and Enable Smart Offer Upgrade Feature in Order Bump settings. As soon as the customer accepts the offer, the target product will be replaced by the offer product.

Yes, you can set different order bump offers for different products. You can simply do that by selecting a specific target and relevant bump offer product while creating your offers.


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